A Thread For Demon Child

Dex Stewart
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I just came up with a better ending that still ends in Cozy being frozen.

My thinking is still the writers just gave up.
A better ending to me would be the villains realize that when they cooperate,they feel better, and slowly they learn what "the magic of friendship" is.Chrysalis becomes one of those weird green things,Tirek reconciles with Discord,and Cozy suddenly just starts screaming,"NOOO!" She won't reform,and she attempts to blow things up,one last time.at this point Chrysalis and Tirek attempt to persuade her to come with them. She runs off into the Everfree and bumps into a cockatrice.she yells at it,and you can guess what happens. Later the ponies find Cozy,and don't know how to handle this, Discord comes along and takes frozen Cozy and puts her on his old statue pedestal."Maybe after a few centuries of cooling down,she'll be willing to play nice."
And there's my ending where the Princesses don't look bad, Discord doesn't look bad,and the doors open for Cozy to be reformed,or not. And Chrysalis and Tirek are fine but not Sombra because fuck him.
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