Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained (Cheeky Breeky)

Opinion tags like "cute", "beautiful" or "sexy" should be purged on imports (so that if people here decide the image is worth it, they add the tag) or not exist at all due to being subjective, and wrong a lot of the time.

Also, blackwashing and whitewashing need descriptions:
Portraying a character as a member of the black human race, when their portrayal (culture, behavior, location, presence of more clearly indicated stereotypes, et cetera) conflicts with it.
For example, Twilight Sparkle, who is purple and comes from Equestria (which did not have mass slave imports or migrations and is hence mostly a single ethnicity of "pony"), being humanized as black with other M6 being white, or claimed to represent "black values".
See also its twin whitewashing
Portraying a character as a member of the white human race, when their characterization (culture, behavior, location, presence of more clearly indicated stereotypes, et cetera) conflicts with it.
For example Zecora (zebra with traits from all over black Africa) or Little Strongheart (native american, like all bison) being humanized as white.
See also its twin blackwashing

P.S. I think it's hilarious that the most racist character in the show, Pinkie Pie (see: Zecora introduction episode, that one episode with donkey, pretty sure she shares the the most mule references with AJ too), who is also blatantly Amish, is the second-most blackwashed M6.
P.P.S. Whitewash should have a description too or/and aliasing/mutual implication with Brolly.
The white-coated and blue-maned pegasus stallion. For racism where the characters that would logically be non-white, like Zecora, are portrayed as white, see whitewashing, for the white paint on buildings in hot and sunny regions, there's no tag yet.
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

If I ever have to remove an out of context "nudist [X]" tag again, I'm going to commit several severe Belgium-sponsored war crimes in the Congo.
Fleur de Lis
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

The following are names of ponies from the toy line not appearing in the show.
Should be blue?

cupcake (g4)
firecracker burst
lily blossom
lucky swirl
lulu luck
starbeam twinkle
sugar grape
sweetie blue
sweetie swirl
Fleur de Lis
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Oh. And here's some that were in the show:

bons away
grape delight
green jewel
magnet bolt
prism glider
serenity (character)
tropical spring
tropical storm
Anonymous #086E
Had a list of rule 63 tags in np++ that I can only assume I was supposed to post here

ahuizota → ahuizotl, rule 63
alexanderite → opalescence, rule 63
allegro amoroso → adagio dazzle, rule 63
angel cake → pound cake, rule 63
angela bunny → angel bunny, rule 63
aura winds → zephyr breeze, rule 63
batterscotch → butterscotch, fluttershy, bat pony, rule 63
bitter sweet → sour sweet, rule 63
bob steed → babs seed, rule 63
bonnie berry → igneous rock pie, rule 63
boy bon → bon bon, rule 63
bronze berry → marble pie, rule 63
bubblini davinci berry → bubble berry, pinkie pie, pinkamena diane pie, rule 63
cecelia → caesar, rule 63
cephelus → cosmos (character), rule 63
cheese cake → pumpkin cake, rule 63
citrus heart → lemon hearts, rule 63
clementine orange → aunt orange, rule 63
cobalt strike → indigo zap, rule 63
coffee cake → cup cake, rule 63
comfy bright → cozy glow, rule 63
cream cake → carrot cake, rule 63
crest (r63) → minuette, rule 63
dark shine → dusk shine, twilight sparkle, midnight sparkle, rule 63
dart (rule 63) → fume, spear (dragon), rule 63
dashing do → daring do, rule 63
daydream glare → sunset shimmer, sunset glare, daydream shimmer, rule 63
diamond crown → diamond tiara, rule 63
dragon lord scorch → dragon lord torch, rule 63
dumb belle → dumbbell, rule 63
fancy skirt → fancypants, rule 63
femrover → rover, rule 63
firestorm → spitfire, rule 63
fizzelle → fizzle, rule 63
flare magna → flash magnus, rule 63
flightshade → night glider, rule 63
floral scotch → posey shy, rule 63
forest pine → timber spruce, rule 63
garbledina → garble, rule 63
glisten lower → glitter drops, rule 63
gummette → gummy, rule 63
haze path → vapor trail, rule 63
joystick (r63) → button mash, rule 63
keyser berry → limestone pie, rule 63
king discord (r63) → princess eris, rule 63
li'l cheese (rule 63) → li'l cheese, rule 63
lightheel → fleetfoot, rule 63
lightning powder → lightning dust, rule 63
lime citron → lemon zest, rule 63
male six → applejack, applejack (male), pinkie pie, bubble berry, fluttershy, butterscotch, twilight sparkle, dusk shine, rarity, elusive, rainbow dash, rainbow blitz, male, mane six, rule 63
maulder berry → maud pie, rule 63
merci winds → gentle breeze, rule 63
moonshower drizzle → sunshower raindrops, rule 63
mr. neighsay → ms. harshwhinny, rule 63
mudbramble → mudbriar, rule 63
naughty bits → filthy rich, rule 63
normal norma → normal norman, rule 63
ouvertis grandioso → aria blaze, rule 63
pat (rule 63) → clump, rule 63
pinata prize → party favor, rule 63
pipi → pipsqueak, rule 63
pish posh (rule 63) → hoity toity, rule 63
poppy pin → pokey pierce, rule 63
prince ash → princess ember, rule 63
prince dusk → dusk shine, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), rule 63
princess hersan → prince hisan, rule 63
promethium → prominence, rule 63
royal brothers → prince artemis, prince solaris, princess celestia, princess luna, brothers, male, rule 63
scherzo lesto → sonata dusk, rule 63
sci-dusk → twilight sparkle, sci-twi, dusk shine, rule 63
shim → flim, rule 63
sham → flam, rule 63
shim sham sisters → shim, sham
shining sunset → luster dawn, rule 63
silver platter → silver spoon, rule 63
spice → snails, rule 63
starswirl the unshorn → star swirl the bearded, rule 63
stonehoof → rockhoof, rule 63
stygia → stygian, rule 63
sugar → snips, rule 63
sugar beau → sugar belle, rule 63
sugarglaze → sugarcoat, rule 63
sunlight blaze → sunny flare, rule 63
sunset glare → sunset shimmer, rule 63
tarsus → ocellus, rule 63
tessiture → coloratura, rule 63
tree top → tree hugger, rule 63
tumble → rumble, rule 63
twerpy hooves → dinky hooves, rule 63
vixen (rule 63) → vex, rule 63
wonder → surprise, rule 63
yon → yona, rule 63

barb butt → barb, spike, butt, rule 63
queen umbr-ass → king sombra, queen umbra, butt, rule 63
troubleheels clarass → trouble shoes, troubleheels clara, butt, rule 63
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