Site Assistant and Mod Applications

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Hello everyone!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping cement this site as a viable gallery for MLP content. You've surprised the hell out of me, thats for sure. So much so that our current level of staff is insufficient to fully keep up with the site, especially given everything thats happened this year. With that being said I would like to officially extend an invitation to those interested in becoming site staff to apply.

We currently have two types of positions available:

-Site Assistant:
Primarily responsible for meta data, such as ensuring proper tagging, artist credit, source links, quality reporting of posts for moderation.

- Site Moderators:
Moderators are held to all of the responsibilities of a site assistant, but hold the ability to pass judgement on posts. Mods can delete posts and images, ban/warn users, approve user links(verifying artists are who they say they are), remove duplicate images, approve DNP requests, ability to create site announcements, selecting featured images, and more.

In the future we may also open up additional positions. We're exploring different avenues right now, more to come later. This is a volunteer position, no incentives, payment or otherwise will be given as compensation for any position granted. Further details on your exact responsibilities will be given upon approval.

If you are someone who would be interested in joining our team we only have a few pieces of criteria to meet and some question.

- You must be at least 18 or older
- Prior moderation experience is preferred but not required, please include experience if you do have any.
- Discord is a preferred means of communication, but not required.
- Please include you local/ or thereabout time zone (this will help us spread moderation out)
- How often could to assist with moderation per week ( ie 'I log in about 5 times a week')
- Why you would be a good fit, do you have anything unique you could bring to the table?

To apply you can comment below, or send me a copy of your application via private message here on ponybooru with the subject line reading 'Application [assistant [or] mod] [USERNAME]' example: Application mod Luzion
If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Applications dont have to follow any specific format, just do it how you'd like.

Deadline for applications is 1 week from today ( December 5th 2020)
Rampant Alicorn - The majestic steed of a blessed crusade
Rampant Squirrel - A ferocious friend (NUT Zone)
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11 applications received thus far

We have reviewed the current applications and have sent out two offers so far. More to come. Not all positions have been filed to do not fret.

Edit:As some of you have noticed Acres and Sapphie have been welcomed to the staff. We're still reviewing the rest of the applications and will make a decision after the deadline. A formal introduction of sorts will follow afterwards, once everything and everyone is settled.

EDIT 2: Mod applications will close within 6 hours of this edit ( currently 12/5/2020 6:11pm PST/ 9:11pm EST / 2:11am GMT )
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Ramius is best wife
-Application: Site Assistant
-Prior experience: I help moderate for two groups on Fimfiction and run a third. [ 1, 2, 3 ] (3 is NSFW)
-Discord: I have discord, though I admittedly don't use it much.
-Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
-Activity: I check in here at least once a day, barring things like holidays. Usually two or three times throughout the day/evening.
-My primary interest is in getting the tagging and alias systems up to snuff. As for unique abilities, if I plug my ears and exhale just right through my nose I can whistle the Song of Storms.
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Application: Site assistant
Prior experience: None
Discord: Yes
Timezone: Central Time (GMT-6)
Activity: Usually I check the site three times a day or so. More on weekends.
I like to fiddle about with tags and interested in knowing how to work with aliasing. I also know how to vector and draw, so I can help out creating badges or such.

I can also speak and write Spanish, if anything is needed to be reviewed and/or translated.
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Izzy Moonbow Enjoyer
Application: Moderator
I'd be interested in being site assistant or moderator. I have a slight preference for moderator, but, if needed, could very much take on the role of an assistant.
I used to moderate for a twitch streamer who would get 150-200 viewers. From that I know I have a tendency to be rather lax with enforcing rules. Not that I wouldn't do my job, I just preferred to give people some leeway instead of assuming the worst right off the bat. Maybe the better way to say this is that I act in good faith. (I also have moderated some smaller discord servers, but that probably shouldn't be counted, though even there I have a tendency to enforce the rules in good faith)
My timezone is GMT+1 (Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, etc)

I check the site multiple times a day (mostly as a procrastination attempt when working, but I do spend several minutes looking at the site), and would most likely be able to handle small things during those visits. For stuff that would require sitting down and getting some work done, I could definitely set aside 2-6 hours a week—depending on how much is needed, and depending on how much time I would have that particular week. That would be on top of the routine checks I do.
A reason I believe to be a good for mod is that I already end up seeing a good chunk of the comments and content that is posted (given that I get notifications for them, and actually go ahead and read most of the comments). On top of that, I mentioned checking this site very often anyway, so I'd be very responsive.
I also believe myself to be impartial and able to make level-headed decisions in such a context. On top of that, I know my way around the site fairly well, and would quickly adapt to new tools.

Finally, the reason I want to be mod. I care about this site as an alternative to derpibooru and would love to see it flourish. On top of that, I wish I could help with the duplicates my import script causes more directly than just reporting them.

EDIT: I do also use discord (mentioning it since every other entry mentions it)
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UwU Chwyasawis my waifu
-Application: Site Assistant
-Prior experience: I helped moderate/staff an old modded minecraft server for a few years back in its heyday, Tekkify (Although everything for that outside of their discord server has been defunct since late 2016). Apart from that, I have my own small discord server that I take care of currently.
-Discord: Evan555alpha#3735
-Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+11)
-Activity: I check the site at least once per day, even if I don't end up doing any actions with it beyond simple browsing.

I tend to be a nerd for tags, so much so that I'll check if a tag exists for something relatively obscure before I upload stuff. I'd be more inclined to cover some of the more fetish-y stuff that I figure others don't particularly like covering (Just see my artwork/faves for what I mean).
Outside that, I'd really like to see this site become the alternative that it deserves to be.
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Boop Sheriff
Application: Moderator
Prior experience: None, admittedly
Discord: Yes (discord name will be given out in PM upon confirmation of the position (assuming I land the job, of course))
Timezone: AEDT (GMT +11)
Activity: I'm on the site every day (baring extreme circumstances)

I would like to be a mod because I remain cautiously optimistic that this site can be a free speech alternative to Derpibooru, which has been ruined by their mods inability to keep their own controversial political opinions to themselves. As a mod, I would endeavour to maintain professional candour and keep my own political bias in check when performing my role.

A wise man once said "if you want something done properly, do it yourself". I'm willing to put in a bit of legwork to ensure this site remains as a place where everyone-and I do mean everyone can come in and enjoy a hobby. It is my hope, and ambition that we can foster a community where the divisive political/culture war bullshit that has so ruined many fandoms-and Derpibooru-is thrown out the window, so we can all go back to looking at cartoon ponies like we always wanted to.

Ponybooru should be a place where we just enjoy cartoon ponies. And it is for everyone. No "everyone BUUUUUT…", everyone who wants to enjoy cartoon ponies. Full stop.
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Likes older mares
Application: Site Moderator.

Prior Experience: 2+ years of managing a public roleplaying Discord server.

Discord: Zaknel#7057.

Timezone: GMT-6.

Times available: Ranging from after working hours every day to once a day, depending on how much overtime I get at work.

I believe I would be a good fit because I have long since tried to work with people to understand their viewpoint, rather than force what I want on them. I strive for teamwork, I strive to assist, I strive for harmony.

After what I saw on Derpi, I would be deeply hurt if I saw that happen again here, and would love an opportunity to prevent what I saw happening there from happening here.

卐 1488 卐
Application: Site Assistant.

Prior Experience: None.

Discord: Yes.

Timezone: Central Time (GMT-6)

Activity: I check the site multiple times each day, and I am also pretty much available at any time.

I would like to help build a community where people are free to express their views, and to be able to share and discuss their interests and hobbies in a friendly and supportive environment. I'm a good team player, and I have a friendly and easygoing personality. I am also willing to learn from other site staff who have more experience than I do and to take advice from them on how to improve in any areas where it may be necessary or helpful.

I may have some controversial views myself, but I would make sure that everyone's right to express their own viewpoint is upheld. I do not like what's happening on other prominent internet sites where people are being censored and kicked off for having differing views from the site admins and mods. I want to make sure that can never happen here.
Psy Key

Application: Any

Prior Experience: 4+ Years Managing Several Discord Servers as Moderator

Discord: 3to1Go#4720

Timezone: PST/Paradise

Times Available: Every day, Excluding 6 PM to 12 AM

I believe I am a good fit for either of the two positions available, or for future positions, as I value order, organization, and freedom of expression. I aim to be as professional as possible, while also maintaining a friendly demeanor with users and other staff members. I value meaningful discussion over meaningless arguments, and my first instinct in a discussion is to attempt to understand rather than to accuse. I believe this would be particularly beneficial when pertaining to decisions that require more forming and shaping before being finalized.

Because of my experience in global shipping and sales, I understand the importance of confidentiality. Sensitive user data and other similar information are items that I believe require as much security as we can reasonably provide. I believe the sharing of such data, save for extremely few instances that would be necessary between staff members, is both heinous and against my core principles.

When it comes to being able to cover as many parts of the site as possible; while there are certain topics or depictions that I find not to my tastes, I am happily willing to forgo my opinions and inhibitions in the pursuit of being transparent and professional. I believe myself to be well-versed in the myriad of kinks that are present both on the site and on the internet, and I am against judging others for their fantastical interests. I have no qualms about moderating the more objectionable content on the site.

I believe in fair judgement when it comes to actions against users and/or their content, and I want to take into consideration context and other user-specific data, such as offense history (if it pertains to the current offense), before passing judgement. In addition, I believe that one of the easiest offenses a user can commit is related to improper use of filters, and I know that this can occasionally not be the fault of the user, but due to improper tagging. I am aware and familiar with how proper tagging and categorization effectively prevents this issue, and I believe myself to be fully capable and ready to improve site functionality through this, as well as other avenues of service.

I am vehemently against censorship of all forms, and only in the most pressing of instances would I ever deem it absolutely necessary to remove content (i.e it violates a rule or reasonable law). I want to be someone that is apart of what drives us to become the greatest and most prominent Brony Community imageboard on the internet.

I am interested in the site assistant position, although I will correct tagging and add sources regardless of whether not I am one. I am 24 and do not have prior moderation experience on a website like this because this is the first time in my life applying for such a thing. I'm Mr. Metric on Discord, already in ZizzyDizzyMC+ and Radiant Feathers. My time zone is Pacific Time, which is GMT-8 or GMT-7 depending on if DST is in effect. I am available most days, always in at least the evening, since I often work until 21:00 and stay up until 00:00 to 02:00 (current time is 00:23).

Good stuff: I have strong attention to detail and understanding of boolean expressions (I am a programmer) and used to do a decent amount of tag fixing on Derpibooru, which I no longer care to do for obvious reasons. I am literally autistic and can sit for hours doing work like this. I want the archive of content here to be easier to search through, because I like content preservation and I like being able to find things easily.
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