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For better or worse (most likely worse) I've finished my picture for the event. This is probably the third or fourth ever pony picture I drewed, not that that matters since I've drawn ponies maybe ten times total in ten years so I'm not any good at it. Still, I did it, and that's what matters.

I didn't dare submit her to any Derpi events because they hated her from day 1 for not being bland, brown, and boring like they think all background characters should be rather than being a brightly colored cartoon horse who's trying to learn where she fits in the world, which I thought was the message of the show but I guess not.
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Also volunteering to draw OCs for the collab if anyone needs them.

Got a few for friends lined up, but there's enough time before the deadline for more.
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Then you can use gimp, or Medibang/Firealpaca like the ones I mentioned before. These require a download.

Or, you can use sites like ImageResizer that let you pick which colors you want transparent. (I recommend making the background a color not used in the drawing itself. i.e. for a white pony with a blue mane, use a lime green bg.) But when using ImageResizer, make sure the slider is on at least 2. (It's a little buggy)
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so if you upload your picture early, will you be in one of the front spaces of the piece?
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