OC tag description thread.

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Sup. You probably already know what this thread is for, from its title alone.
But short story long, if you want us to add or edit the description of an OC's tag. This can apply to both your own characters and fandom OCs.

(Note that I threw this together in a few minutes because she's the first OC that crossed my mind)

If you own the OC in question, you can mention that in the description. You can also link a picture you want us to use.
Do keep the descriptions and images rating-appropriate, though.

Hey there! Looking to get a desc for my oc, Fun Fact.

Fun Fact, or Funni, is a pilot and freelancer in a futuristic sci-fi setting. She specializes in smuggling alien species too dangerous for most to handle, through plenty of unorthodox methods.
Quick Fix
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

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Stolen from Derpibooru, will link the image in this post too.
Tag is oc:quick fix
Image is >>147317

Detailed description:
Creator:Quick Fix
Species/Gender: Unicorn/Male

Timid medical student with an effeminate bent and an affinity for stallions. Has great natural healing power, but a comparatively tiny magical 'stamina'. He can push past burnout but may suffer unique injuries in the process.
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