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According to the Urban Dictionary, a jannie is a moderator. It would seem an assistant is just a "modern day slave", though I'm pretty sure they're referring to an office or personal assistant.

Site Owner — Franchise Owner/Owner
Administrator — Manager
Moderators — Employee
Assistants — Janitor

No offense intended of course.

Personally, Ponybooru:
Owner — Salvation/Sanctuary
Administrators — Angelic Warriors
Moderators — Saints
Assistants — Normal Humans who live like Saints and shall one day ascend and join their ranks
Users: Refugees, The Downtrodden, The Forgotten, The Outcasts, The Alienated, The Hunted, The Falsely Accused

D****b**** — The Great Satan, The Harsh Cruel World, Humanity At Its Worst, Rabid Animals
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