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So one of the trending images ended up being >>2602879 (suggestive image of Silver Spoon in a belly dancer outfit), and it's something I'm not very comfortable seeing. Obviously, my first thought was "gotta filter", but there doesn't seem to be a tag for this (since it's not explicit, it's not tagged lolicon)

So I'm asking that we pick a tag for such images that I could then add to my filter.
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honestly idk why anything higher than a "safe" rating involving minors isn't tagged with loli/shotacon tbh, it's extremely borderline at that point (and i'm pretty sure taking photographs of minors in similarly revealing clothing and/or compromising positions in real life would be extremely frowned upon, if not illegal)

plus it's always drawn by artists who regularly draw actual loli/shota too

edit: apparently some of this shit IS tagged as "safe"
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I only follow the straight shota tag, but as I understand it, that one is meant to indicate a heterosexual age difference between an adult and a minor, whether romantic or sexual.
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I personally am leaning towards tagging suggestive and questionable images of characters who are underage (both anthro and humanized) with the respective lolicon and shotacon tags. This seems to be in line with what other sites do. This should allow comfortable filtering.

This said, I'd see what other staff have to say probably.

Sorry about the situation though I understand it fully. This should have been cleared up before hand, so much at once like has happened lately has made things quite challenging to keep up with though.
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Is the loli tag based on body type or apparent age? This image, >>2674969, came with the tag jailbait. I tagged it loli due to the body, but what's the system?
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Speaking of lolicon, that tag needs to be aliased with "loli". The shotacon tag also needs to be aliased with "shota".

Is the loli tag based on body type or apparent age?

What's the difference? Whe people say "loli body type" they're talking about characters with round baby-like face, flat chest, short stature, short limbs, narrow hips, etc; and if a character makes you think they're <10yo it's because they have the "loli body type" already described. Is the canon age what should be ignored since it really means nothing when 10k yo characters look like a 5yo and characters that were born hours ago but already are fully developed are common in fiction.

I'm kinda surprised the tag doesn't include questionable and suggestive material, specially when every other booru does it (completely safe for work is tagged as "little girl/boy", while anything remotely sexual is tagged as "loli/shota").

Now, regarding the "jailbait" tag: the term "jailbait" is used to describe people who appear to be of age but in reality are underage. Since the canon age is important in this case, I think the tag should only be used when a canonically underage character is drawn in a way that would make you think it's an adult but there is something in the image to prove that it is underage (a general example could be a middle-high school girl that looks like a playboy star).
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