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So I created a public filter, not sure if you can use it. Let me know if you can't use or see it. Anyway, I will create more to come, but I will take suggestions if you think it can appease certain groups who may come here.
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Not technically a mod. Site assistants have less permissions when it comes to users. While a mod would probably be able to see it, I can't. Still, imma tell them about this

Here are 2 filters so far, there is a vanilla version which filters out fetishes but I'm unsure what are the fetishes. Aw heck, I'll share it too to review.

18+ R34:
18+ R34 (EU Friendly):
18+ R34 (Vanilla):

And the last 2.

Maximum Spoilers:
18+ Dark:

I wanna know, how bad is 'fluffy pony grimdark' that it's filtered out in the dark filter?
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It's usually gore, abuse, etc. The childish stuff you'd see an edgy teenager draw to get a reaction out of people. With the way fluffies act it's more like abusing a baby than a puppy, so it is decidedly uncomfortable.

Needless to say, filter it by default.
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