Badge Art Submission Thread

Artist - shidtist
U Lil Shid - Hi, Im a lil shid.
Chatty Kirin - A shidder who has reached 1000 combined forum shids or comments.
Liberty Belle - Shids the song of the unshidded

Half Dragon, Half Meme
Since not all badge art can be pony, please post your submission on a third party site such as Imgur or DA. Please do this for even art that is pony related, to maintain consistency.
Rampant Alicorn - The majestic steed of a blessed crusade
Rampant Squirrel - A ferocious friend (NUT Zone)
Donor | Lyra -
Artist -
Squirrel of Legend - A squirrel that was there in a time of great need
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

While we're not implementing any additional badges as of right now, if users / artists would like to submit ideas or artwork feel free.
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