Would it be better if Derpibooru gets shut down?

Poll results: Would it be better if Derpibooru gets shut down?

66.67% 8 votes
33.33% 4 votes

Poll ended with 12 votes.

Anonymous #FDC2
@Anonymous #A590
Are you saying that there is a possibility that Derpibooru is about to shut down, good sir? Oh no, please don't suggest such a terrible thing. Why, this would be my reaction:

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Ghibelline Omnipotens
Probably not. It would be best if it muddles along as a quarantine zone for the kind of people who caused it to melt down in the first place.
Anonymous #D9FD
Yes. It would force derpi's users to either migrate to twitter, where the problem members already are, or another booru. Not only would it reduce or remove derpi staff's perceived authority in the eyes of their users, but it would strengthen the altboorus. All of which would make rebuilding derpi harder.

The imports would be lost, but a large portion of uploads to derpi are done by a handful of uploading autists anyway. Were they attracted, or new ones to fill the void, little would be lost.
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More Than Just A Fanboy
No. The site could die tomorrow, but the damage it's all done. There's no guarantee that the site could not come back with the previous administration, or even worse, with new administrators making even more damage to the fandom. Derpibooru put too much effort making terrible decisions, their legacy is a wound that will never be erased. Cauterized? Probably, but never erased. And how I said before, what guarantees the site couldn't come back, and worse than before? After all, Derpibooru got meek visitors, easier to manipulate; That's whay they wanted since their stupid politically correct party started the previous year. All the people who hated those trash are here, in alternative Boorus, or even completely out of the fandom.

As a matter of fact, even artists left the site, I need to remind you, but others are still in Derpibooru or they don't really care about their art being posted there. I know all of this could sound sad, but the dead of Derpibooru won't change anything that easily. If Derpibooru with all their users died, forsaking the website and turning it into a wilderness of nothing, that could make a bigger change, but that wouldn't be enough too. The posibility of a new site still exists. And the artists with extremists ideas or the brain washed will eventually find another place to post their posion.
Dex Stewart
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We'd most likely get more Derpi users over here. They wouldn't be as chill as I am in someplace like the politics thread. Other than that not much would change.
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