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What'cha thinking about?

Poll results: Best mane horse?

Twiggle Piggle
28.57% 10 votes
Manic Depression
20.00% 7 votes
14.29% 5 votes
14.29% 5 votes
That other one
14.29% 5 votes
Blue Fast
8.57% 3 votes

Poll ends . 35 votes cast so far.

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained (Renowned Sound)

Lyra for realz
Oh I’m way to shy to actually post it anywhere. It’s about the elements actually being cursed objects. They drain the life force out of their hosts and siphon it to the element of magic. Causing the alicorn transformation.

I’m always to afraid that I’ll unknowingly plagiarize another work, so I don’t post them.


Is it about sunset eating another pony?
Anonymous #2995
@Dex Stewart
Why you ask if you want to leave the fandom you can do it and still love mlp just dont associated you self with it fandom to like somthing or to be consider a fan
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