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The visuals of Disturbed’s Land of Confusion video are a tangled mess. The bad guys are globalists represented by the U.N. security council, except that China has been replaced by Japan. Since the secret boss of the world order is the Monopoly Man, it’s clear that capitalism is the true enemy, hence China being unrepresented among the forces of oppression. But then why are the enforcers of this order Nazis? Nationalist socialists and globalist capitalists are not only both the enemy, but they’re also one entity? I could sort of see it if the video were just avowedly communist, and was lumping everyone they don’t like into one group for simplicity. But almost everyone in the crowd that smashes the state is a member of the white working and middle classes. That implies a nationalist message in itself.
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I concur it’s probably a smoothbrain “communist” or anarcho-leftist sentiment, so I don’t feel like spending a lot of effort dissecting it is really worth the time. It was posted 13 years ago, probably made before that. The political landscape was very different back then. Nazism was mostly an insult, not a revived realization about what’s wrong with modern society.
Something I will draw attention to is that using fascist symbolism modified to refer to globalist/capitalist/globo-leftist entities could be seen as a way of mocking their supposed superiority, rather than a direct comparison or put-down of both. “You fought the Nazis, but you’re just as bad as them.” That sentiment is clearly less anti-fascist than mainstream culture, which treats fascism as the worst possible political system, even if it isn’t pro-fascist.
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