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Video game thread

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Which is a good thing. Or have we forgotten that their last few offerings have been increasingly obviously rushed messes? Now if they're still not out two or three years from now, then it's a problem. Duking the games would, indeed, be even worse.

And let's not forget that they were recently purchased by Microsoft. You can bet your ass they want their first releases under their new owners to be as shiny as possible. Especially given the reputation they built for themselves in the years prior to that purchase. Microsoft wouldn't have any qualms with shaking things up if they continue to flop (or more bluntly, firing people for a continuing pattern of abject incompetence). I wouldn't be surprised if the delay is because they were planning to shit out another barely functional piece of trash that they'd spend a decade popping out 1/10 of a community patch for, and then the purchase happened and they had to scramble to fix it up into a decent enough product that they wouldn't face another class action lawsuit over it.
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I finally played through DOOM 2016. It's pretty fun to kill the demons, unlike in real life where one has to tolerate them.

Probably will be a while before I have enough free low priority time to complete another game, and I don't really have the patience during the summer heat, so at least I leave from playing a good game.
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