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What’s the deal with songs on youtube being replaced with censored versions? Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” now has him inhale instead of saying “fuck” and half the words are gone from all of Kanye’s songs. What the hell?
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Probably for the same reason Youtube is purging all videos made by accounts that haven’t logged in for two years at the end of this year, is threatening to delete accounts for using adblockers, continually lowers the amount creators are paid, lowered the quality of 1080p and added a higher quality 1080p to Youtube Premium, wants to outright restrict 1440p and higher to Youtube Premium, and quite suspiciously keeps defaulting to 480p or 720p on the auto setting.
After years of Google accepting Youtube is a money sink, now they’ve decided it needs to make money.
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Underwood Ammo is full of shit. I was gonna buy some high velocity brass for the highway, they’re discontinued and they pretend they never existed.
So all I got are those weird pointy bullets and they’ll most likely yaw in a highway shootout.
The SIGs are crankin’ ass at 1,475fps but I don’t see anymore magnums.
That really does piss me off, Texas can be dangerous and I needed those rounds to defend my life.
Boot badge - It's Bootiful
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

For some reason I cannot manually add videos to my YouTube Playlists. I can only added them on the video pages through save to playlists button but when I try to add them in my playlists it gives me the error message -Oops Something Went Wrong Try Again Later- I have tried again later but it still gives me that error.
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Pixiv Fanbox used to be a straight upgrade of Patreon. Now it’s a straight downgrade from it even if it’s more lenient with the type of content allowed.
Anonymous #18C7
That, but it’s also a Japanese site. If you know why already then yeah. I was kind of hoping they’ll be different because the webmasters didn’t need to pay at all to see the posts if they’re breaking the rules. F&$# censorship.
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