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@Color Anon
When I was a kid my stepfather did that all the time with beer. When I told him he should put a popsicle stick in every can, he was not the least bit amused.
Anonymous #E617
@Color Anon
Someone did put r/NoNewNormal on Double Secret Probation and locked it in a "quarantine" state where you can't even view it without making a Plebbit account.

It's a funny thing. On the Internet you're allowed to say "diabetes doesn't exist, ignore your doctor and eat more Twinkies." You're allowed to say "AIDS doesn't exist, there is no HIV, doctors are poisoning gay men with deadly chemotherapy drugs like AZT." You can say "obesity causes no health problems, I'm Healthy at Any Size and the doctors are lying." You can say "the Second World War never happened," for that matter. None of this stuff gets you banned.

But you can't question the hysteria about the China Flu. You can't question the numbers, even when the official numbers change like the tides. You can't question why The Scientific Authorities tm contradict one another and themselves constantly, backpedal, and keep on moving the goalposts. You can't question why Leftist politicians are using the irrational fear and hypochondria as pretexts to make society less free. You're not even allowed to notice any of this, much less talk about it.

Doesn't that make you say "hmmm?"
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