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Before Rurik, the East Slavic tribes governed their territory through a loosely structured system. The primary mode of governance was based on tribal customs and traditions, with each tribe having its own ruler or chieftain. These tribal leaders held authority in their respective territories and made decisions regarding internal affairs, conflicts, and alliances.
The East Slavic tribes were organized into small communities known as “vechis,” which were essentially local democratic assemblies. These vechis consisted of free men who gathered to discuss and make collective decisions on matters such as land distribution, defense, trade, and justice. The head of the vechi, called the “volost,” was responsible for overseeing and enforcing these decisions.
The governance of the East Slavic tribes was also influenced by ancient Slavic customary law, known as “ruskaya pravda.” This legal system consisted of a set of traditions and norms passed down orally among the people. Ruskaya pravda governed various aspects of life, including property rights, personal security, marriage, and inheritance.
However, due to the fragmented nature of the East Slavic tribes, there was a lack of centralized authority and a unified governance system. This often led to internal conflicts and territorial disputes among the tribes. It was not until Rurik, a legendary Varangian noble, arrived in the region in the late 9th century, that the East Slavic tribes began to unite under a more centralized rule, establishing the foundations for the future Kievan Rus’ state.
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To go in life without ever laying eyes upon Nico Robin’s beauty is a fate worse than death.
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The worst nightmare you will ever have… The feeling when your grandma whips you. Your body is covered in bruises from head to toe. As your grandma lays her whip upon you over and over, you can’t help but scream at the top of your lungs, “Nana! No! Nana! Please stop! Nana! Please, I’m sorry! I’ll never disobey you again! Nana! Stop, Nana, stop!” But the blows just keep coming, one after another…
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Hello and welcome to the Windows 98 games section. Games in this section are ripped versions (no install required)
They are tested to run without problems on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine and a Windows 10, 32 bit machine
A Windows 10 64bit machine should work fine too as long as the DirectPlay API is installed (see down below)
None of the games need a CD to run. Most games (where possible) are pre-configured to use 1920x1080 and WASD controls
Furthermore, all of these games are portable, they can be moved over from one pc to another (since no installation took place)
What follows now is a list of how the games were made to run on modern Windows (7, 8, 10):
Age of Empires 2 (AoK): Updated to latest Age of Kings version (2.0a), + no-cd crack + 1920x1080 resolution fix (select it in game menu)
Aliens vs Predator (1999): Uses custom engine (AvPX) by sirlemonhead with bugfixes and full-hd resolutions, soundtrack included + 120fps cap
Battlefield 1942: Uses community patch 1.61, updates Battlefield 1942 to use hd resolutions and fixes the masterserver + menu resolution fix
Blade of Darkness: Patched to 1.001, WSGF widescreen fix, newer d3d.dll and rOpenGL.dll (+ fogfix) + weapons mod + directplay fix
Deus Ex: Uses darknovismc’s D3D11 renderer, updated to latest version (1.112fm) + mappatch + all-in-one patch v2 + conversation fix
Drakan: 2018 Community all-in-one patch applied (by UCyborg) which fixes many things, multiplayer functionality removed + dgvoodoo fix
Dune 2000: Uses Dune 2000 GruntMods edition and latest cncnet executable, support for higher resolutions and adds extra missions
Half-Life: Uses the Xash3D engine which supports full hd resolutions + HQ PS2 player models added + full mp3 soundtrack included
Heretic 2: Uses Heretic 2 1.07 enhancer patch, starts with 1920x1080 preconfigured, don’t change the resolution or it will reset
Hitman 2: Patched to latest version (1.02) and uses thirteenAG’s dxwrapper (d3d8.dll) to make it run and cap the framerate to 120
Ion Fury: Rip version that was leaked after launch (1.0) Contains a 32bit (Eduke32, runs on Vista and higher) and 64bit executable
Jedi Knight 2: Uses JK2 Enhanced, which is based on OpenJK (sourceport with QOL improvements). Attention: Use PLAYJK2.BAT to play
Jedi Knight 3 (Academy): Uses the OpenJK engine, (sourceport with quality of life improvements such as full HD resolutions)
Mafia: Patched to version 1.3 and No-CD crack installed, d3d8 to d3d9 + widescreen fix by ThirteenAG (hd resolutions supported)
Max Payne 1: Patched to version 1.5 and No-CD crack applied, d3d8 to d3d9 + widescreen fix by ThirteenAG (hd resolutions supported)
Max Payne 2: Patched to version 1.01 and No-CD crack applied, d3d8 to d3d9 + widescreen fix by ThirteenAG (hd resolutions supported)
No One Lives Forever: Revival patch + NOLF Modernizer + dgVoodoo (hd resolutions supported) (before playing, doubleclick NOLF.reg and click OK)
Painkiller: Version 1.64 (menu says 1.6) Black Edition (comes with Battle Out of Hell exp. pack) + No-CD crack + levels fix + FPS limit fix
Powerslave: Contains Powerslave EX by Kaiser (Playstation port) and PCExhumed by sirlemonhead (DOS port), both come with soundtrack
Quake 3: Latest version (1.32c) Uses updated Q3 engine “Quake3e” by Eugene C. Comes with gameplay mod CPMA 1.52 (Challenge ProMode Arena)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Uses custom engine “IORTCW”, enables widescreen resolutions and has additional bugfixes + remade weapons mod
Revolt: Uses community made ReVoltGL, supports full-hd resolutions and additional gfx effects
Serious Sam (Second Edition): Version 1.07 from GOG, tweaked to run at 1920x1080 by default (not available through the regular menu)
System Shock 2: Uses the mysteriously leaked NewDark patches by forum user “Le Corbeau”, runs perfect on modern Windows
Thief: Same NewDark engine fixes applied as with System Shock 2, also extra stuff patched thanks to “TFix”
Tomb Raider 1: Now uses Tomb1Main instead of the previously used OpenLara, with flac soundtrack included
Tomb Raider 2: Uses Arsunt’s TR2Main version, it’s basically vanilla but with bugfixes such as correct aspect ratio
Tomb Raider 4: Updated to run on modern Windows and use full hd resolutions (MultiPatch) and widescreen fix included
Undying: Uses darknovismc’s updated D3D11 renderer, l0m’s Undying Renewal, no-cd crack + texture patch applied + widescreen fix
Unreal: Uses community updated OpenGL renderer, patched to the latest community version (227i), support for full-hd resolutions
  • Mandatory for Windows 10 users: Install the Windows DirectPlay API, see this video on how to do it:
    Also highly recommended for Win 10 users, download this legacy DirectX package:
    You might also need Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributables:
    Ofcourse you can always first try out a game to see if it works, usually an error will explain which files are missing so you know what to download
  • Optional, but it’s advised (if you are on Windows 10) to change the compatibility mode to Windows 98 or Windows XP SP2/SP3
    To do this, right-click on each game’s main .EXE file -> Compatibility tab -> Change compatibility mode accordingly and save and close
    Reminder: for all Unreal engine based games (Deus Ex, Unreal, Undying) the main .EXE file is in the game’s ‘System’ folder
  • Using Windows 7 64 bit? You’ll probably notice that some games (Undying, Blade of Darkness) only start up after opening the .exe twice
    This has to do with Microsoft’s buggy GameUX.dll (Game User Experience) that was shipped with Windows Vista and 7. Take the following steps to fix this issue:
    Go to this pastebin: and copy the text inside a new .TXT file. After that, change the .TXT extension to a .CMD extension
    Double-click the .CMD file and it will automatically rename the GameUX.dll in the proper Windows folder (SysWOW64) to GameUX.dll.bak and it will be fixed
  • Windows 7 users don’t need DirectPlay, but it’s advised to download the same DirectX package as mentioned above, to make sure your DirectX is complete
  • Another tip for games that do not have a built-in framerate limit (e.g. Blade of Darkness), it’s advised to turn on V-Sync before playing
    V-Sync will cap the game at 60 fps, which will ensure scripted in-game sequences do not become desynchronized. You can do this in your GPU settings
    Nowadays there should also be a framerate limiter option in the GPU settings screen (AMD, Nvidia). If you cap it this way, you won’t need to use V-Sync
    External framerate limiters such as RivaTuner Statistics Server should also work, as long as you cap it to 60 frames per second
  • If after following all of the above steps some problems still arise, try using dgVoodoo, download it and follow the instructions in the included Readme.txt
Have fun!
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PS3 Yellow Dog Linux with Other OS Exploit>PS4 Linux payload>>Net Yaroze>>>Linux for PS2
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I frequently jerk off to the thought of fucking Ben Shapiro’s wife. Forcing him to watch while I make his wife wet for the first time in their marriage, have her beg for my seed while Ben tries to debate me in his whiney, nasally voice. I want to cum inside his wife as she orgasms for the first time in her 14 year old marriage with Ben. I want to force Ben to look at his wife’s creampied pussy, full to the brim with my baby batter. I want to hear Ben gently sobbing while me and his wife passionately make out as I prepare to pound her again.
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For a long time it was hard for me to see the Metroid series going anywhere after Fusion’s ending. Why?
>Metroids are extinct
>their home planet got destroyed
>the X parasites are gone for good
>Ridely is nowhere
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Anbernic RG35XX, Anbernic RG505, Anbernic RG 353P, Powkiddy X18s, Anbernic Win 600, Anbernic RG35XX Plus, Miyoo Mini Flip, Retroid Pocket 2S, Ayn Loki, Retroid Pocket 3+, Retroid Pocket 4, Powkiddy RGB 30, Retroid Pocket 4 Pro, Coolboy RS-97+, Dingoo 330, Powkiddy X55, Powkiddy RK 2023, Ayn Odin, Ayn Loki Max, Ayn Odin 2, Google Pixel 7, Trimui model S, Anbernic RG351P, Powkiddy RGB 20s, Anbernic 351P, Game Console RS36s, Anbernic ARC-S, and Trimui Smart Pro:
Which of them can run Wolf 3D, Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Blake Stone, & Hexen; plus how about
>Duke 3D
>Shadow Warrior
>Hexen 2
>Quake 1
>Quake 2
>Redneck Rampage
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>>OK so the LED lights bleed like crazy
Ayn Odin 1 and many KTR1 units at launch,especially the latter.
>>OK so the color profile of the screen is completely miscalculated and awful
OG Retroid Pocket and Retroid Pocket 2( the latter to a lesser extent)
>>OK so the fan is incredibly loud and high pitched
Retroid Pocket 4 regular
>>OK so the sticks are Janky shit that don’t register half their range and they’ll break/fall out in a month or two’s time
Powkiddy RGB20s
>>OK so the battery life is hot garbage
GDK Pixel
>>OK so there’s no availability because each unit is artisanally produced by a blind one-handed child working in such poor conditions that he thinks about kicking the bucket every minute, if not every second
KTR1 again
>>OK so the ergonomics are terrible and genuinely kind of baffling for the most part
Game Console R35s
>>OK so if you turn off the device in the wrong way you can brick your SD card sometime
Powkiddy RGB30
>>OK so its a refresh of a product that had glaring flaws with none of said flaws addressed
Anbernic RG353V or Anbernic RG35XX H?
>>OK so overall I’m going to say that this is a really good device for the price despite the obvious huge problems I’ve listed in the review
Anbernic RG Nano.
>>Ok so the d-pad feels like its made of gelatin and registers the wrong input half the time
Anbernic RG35XX original
>>OK so the controls and screen aspect ratio are optimized for games the device doesn’t have the power to play
Anbernic RG503 or Anbernic 556
>>Ok so the OS is half baked, has bizarre design decisions baked into it, and you need to wait for a Vietnamese teenager to make a new firmware for it to be better.
TrimUI Smart Pro, No Name company (Data Frog? Game Console?) manufactured X4, and X12, Game console R36s, or Powkiddy X55?
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Connect 4 could be one of the most complex and modern games, I’d like to say it’s the 21st century chess. Think about a chessboard. What do you see? You see a bunch of fucking weird looking fake ass people standing in a line on some FUCKING squares. Now imagine lifting that board UP and putting holes in it. It’s fucking genius. Not to mention the dumbass fake ass people were replaced with what can only be compared to “the ketchup and mustard” of board games. Instead of FUCKING WOOD AND GLASS of have quality plastic, straight from the finest Chinese province. We live in a time of science, and without the perfect circularity of each and every piece of Connect 4, we would be dumbasses. Think about Pi. Those Mongolian motherfuckers figured it out because of холбох 4. Now you tell me, who’s playing checkers now motherfucker.
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