Random Nonsense Thread

Adan Druego
A toast - Incredibly based
Chatty Kirin - A user who has reached a combined 1000 forum posts or comments.
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Twitter User: I'm an anarchist! I was to abolish the police, the prisons and borders. NO CHAINS! NO CAGES!! I'm so non-comformist, I'm not even in your dumb little outdated make belief gender binary!! HAHAHA!!!

Freakish Twitter User prepares to go to gender studies class at the local community college to see all their anarcho-communist buddies, who dress and think the same… but not before ensuring his and/or her face mask is on properly.

Muffled Voice: Phock Da Ulz!! Amma vlee dinkinka!!
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