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Billy Eichner, the guy behind Bros, made a cringe tweet about the Mario movie. It's supposed to be a joke, but his continuing bitterness over his poorly-marketed romcom flopping shines through. He got owned so hard that he hid replies.
Anonymous #EBF1
Admittedly sometimes I wondered if it was because I was growing up and just naturally losing interest. I discarded that however when I noted that:

A.- CN is really in finantial problems which means is actually not really holding up.
B.- The ocasional nostalgia trips made me note a good cartoon can still hold up after years.
C.- The lack of merchandise gave me away that people are not really buying the current toons.
Anonymous #EBF1
That's pretty much the definition of a trend. It's short-term popular and big and everybody buys it as if it is the greatest thing…then after a while the lack of substance hits hard and falls into obscurity, like a hangover after a drunk party.
That's why roughly 98% of memes are forgotten sometimes just months after they were hot, they were just that, a tendency, not something that hold up for long.
Some of them can resist, but again the time only helds up what had a great substance from the get go. Not a lot of things age like fine wine.
Anonymous #0B23
Pakistan has nice animes.



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