Mods Are Away. Post Cheese

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Eventually, this WILL lead to cheese broads, a type of /kso/. Then a fandom of k-sonies. ksocial, a website site dedicated to kso-scoial commentaries, with rules like:

#1. Always have a smile on your face when interacting with others. Remember, they're all saying cheese! :D

Cheese Famous. Cheese CMVs on Youtube. KsoCon. Kso-Dramas. Some idiot calling itself the TheMoldingCheese will be lurking in the background always trying to find ways to sow discord or Moldsies in our Kso-Community.

Biden's people will claim that Trump only go a second term because he promised to serve CHEESE burgers at the White House again if he won. So, naturally the cheese is to blame.

Kso Dia's talented voice actress Klara Duran will tweet that Biden's people aren't Kso-sausa enough to be quoting her lines for their nefarious purposes.

Did I mention that Klara Duran will be the most attractive amongst literally all the staff and fandom, but she's be so graceful and humble that everyone will love her?

BUT! She'll be aware of her beauty, so her version of trolling the fans will consist of being a literal "tease", whenever appropiate… but mostly when it's most inappropriate.



"You've created a fandom, you monster. And you don't even care, do you." -Kay-OS, DoorWay

"The Cheese Cake is a lie."
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