Let's Make Fun Of The English Language! In The English Languague!

Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

The girls? They're over there with their friends. I dare you to go say 'hello'.

Twilight and Starlight? Oh, they're both sitting over there with their books. Hey, I dare you to go over there and suggest that they used time travel to correct a few of their past… ahem mistakes.

Just asking for trouble…

In the end, Starlight started crying for over three hours and Twilight just made a quick trip to the little fillies room. And ever since she got back, she's been literally starring at a picture of herself on the wall at the front book checkout and return desk.

Did you know that Twilight has an absolutely perfect library book return record? She's actually really proud about it.

In other sad news, today marks the third year since Dusty Pages, the former librarian, committed suicide. Til this day, its unknown why exactly she did it. Some say she was depressed and they talk about how unfulfilled or rundown she seemed during the two years leading up to, well, that.
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