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Let's Make Fun Of The English Language! In The English Languague!

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Dex Stewart
Indigenous could count too, in spanish though we simply say "aborigen" or "indígena" to ppl who belong to an ancestral tribe (mapuches, aymaras, quechuas, etc)

Obviously the Negro word is for the color, but other hispanic countries use them as a friendly gesture to address a close person to you.

But you know how the US and their paraphernalia of using certain words in the wrong way to generate confusion or they simply feel lazy to know the appropiate term and stuck what the majority says.

Also, try to say the word "Negar" (Deny) to an english speaker, think about their reaction on what does it sound.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Fleur de Lis
Some minuscule groups wanted to apply words of inclusion in everyday use for spanish speakers. To be a laughing stock on social media 'cause how wrong it sounds or be corrected by entities (Real Academia Española) that have knowledge in grammar.

The photo shows spanish words being addressed in 3 grops, male and female are normal and nothing out of the ordinary. The last one is the inclusive language and shows how to write it and make it in everyday's use.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Dex Stewart
Supposedly it acts as a word that male/female are present. However "Les" it acts as a word that includes all genders.

The inclusive grammar is such a trivial and minuscule thing to care about, but mostly the feminists are the ones that really want to imply in the daily life.
Some hispanic countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, México is where I've seen that kind of grammar. Obviously is not big of a deal and used in minor groups.
Fleur de Lis
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I did read 1984 at some point, but I think it is a red herring, and not at all accurate to how a totalitarian system works. I also have rather negative opinion of Orwell himself. If he had any influence, it is in assisting the creation of the global trend. He certainly was not red pilled.

It is also pretty suspicious how much he is openly promoted.

@Dex Stewart
Apparently Appalachian is the older form, when I looked it up. From a Native American village near present-day Tallahassee, Florida transcribed in Spanish as Apalchen or Apalachen.

Aspiring Kyle
@Fleur de Lis
He's promoted because the left thinks he was talking about Nazis.

He wasn't talking about totalitarianism, necessarily. He was talking more about a technology-fueled surveillance state which, through confusion and fear, made use of actual force unnecessary in most cases. He hit the nail on the head with newspeak, telescreens, the Two Minute Hate, "we have always been at war with _", and the memory hole.

We have dictionaries editing words so that what their political opponents already said becomes offensive, then include in "white supremacist" and other meaningless phrases created or modified. We have telescreens everyone willingly carries with them, tracking their every move, listening to their every word, and feeding them a stream of lies straight from Twitter-Facebook-Google. We have 24/7 cable news telling you who to hate and how, even if not why. We have wars no one can articulate why we are in that are usually against our own interests. We have academia editing history to either remove ideas that are problematic or insert new ones that are inclusive, like black Cheddar Man, black Vikings, black Egyptians, black Romans, and you get the idea.

I can't think of something he got wrong, in fact. I don't know why he wrote it or if he should have, but he was right about it. I don't know if it's an accident things have developed exactly that way. No matter, it's easy to say what was at least sold as a warning has become a guide.
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained


Spanish: To Read
Yo leo
Tú lees
Él lee
Nosotros leemos
Vosotros Leísteis
Ustedes Leen

German: To Read
Ich lese
Du liest
Er liest
Wir lesen
Ihr lest
Sie lesen

German: To Speak
Ich spreche
Du sprichst
Er spricht
Wir sprechen
Ihr sprecht
Sie sprechen

Ich sprach
Du sprachst
Er spracht
Wir sprachen
Ihr spracht
Sie sprachen

Ich habe gesprochen
Du hast gesprochen
Er hat gesprochen
Wir haben gesprochen
Ihr habt gesprochen
Sie haben gesprochen

Why are we conjugating verbs from other languages?

I didn't even realize that there was a second page of comments.
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Black people, enough said.

Native English speakers have enough trouble trying to understand them. I can't even imagine how non-native speakers must feel.
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