It Should Be Illegal To... (Forum Game)

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Half Dragon, Half Meme
It should be illegal to stab people who are trying to kill you. I swear, some people are so ungrateful!
Adán Druego
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Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
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Stupidity should be illegal.  
I think we can agree on that.
”Stupidity can’t be illegal.
And yet there must be something we can do.
The stupid just need education.
And it might help to ban them simply isn’t true.“
”Dummheit kann man nicht verbieten.
Und doch kann man etwas dagegen tun.
Was gegen Dummheit hilft ist Bildung.
Gegen Verbote sind die Dummen oft immun.“

Aspiring Kyle
@Anonymous #150D  
I’m going to go arrest all the furries and put them in jail.
Then I am going to let them all out after a few days and start a website where I sell access to the videos I recorded.
Great business plan.
Anonymous #5BE9
Politic in mlp should be illegal i just want to enjoy ponies leave us out of it
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