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There are some straight-looking ship's of bi (or even gay or lesbian) characters that I actually like, such as Fubblegum (Finn X Bubblegum). I don't talk about that much because I don't want to get mobbed by Twitter fangirls and socjus junkies.

On the other hand, that also inspired me to create my own characters. For example, Radumo was inspired by Princess Bubblegum and Twilight, some awkward scientist who gets trained by her friends to defend herself from murderous raiders.
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Nickelback I have always thought was overly hated and more generic then outright awful from what I have heard of them honestly.

I am completely unfamiliar with the shipping scene outside of MLP and even then that is not 100% comprehensive I have a perception that it is less militant with "one right ship" that I have seen in other fandoms. Multiple factions sometimes fight,yes, but I see us as way more irreverent and willing to mock (RD shipped with a sink) and have crazier crack shippings, etc.

Also, I am under a rock and am unfamiliar with a lot of stuff, Adventure Time included.
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I remember that LGBT ships, usually lesbian and gay ones like Bubbline, Bumbleby, and Klance, have hardcore fanatics who will mob on anyone who doesn't approve of their ship.

Mostly because those are like their havens in a society that hates them for being gay (so they will complain about "straightwashing"), or it's a trend and they got sucked into it as zealous fans. That's from what I observed on Tumblr and Twitter.

That's fan culture, being too defensive over fictional stuff, the same attitude that led to Gamergate and the Fandom Menace.
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Do you see any place on him that looks like a gun compartment? For that matter, why would the pre-war US Government install weapons into the mainframe of a relay bunker's monitoring system?
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