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For whatever reason a dream about some kind of interplanetary conference (no aliens) on a space station turned into me getting a chair delivered to my house with zero buffer between the events.
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Several or so days ago, I had a dream that went from place to place. The part I remember the most is of a crew of 3 men in a sleeper ship going on a deeps space journey on the way back from some studying a nearby star and its planet. All of the crew members have since gone into cryogenic stasis for the long journey back to Earth. In the background, a variation of the intro song to Transformers: Rescue Bots plays. A difference in this variation includes the replacement of "three bots in stasis" with "3 men in stasis". A short outside view of the ship is shown before the dream ends up somewhere else, after which I woke up.
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About a week ago, I had this really weird dream. Weird in that it was like watching a movie, and oddly consistent.

First thing that happened was a montage of adventures had by someone that looks like Flynn rider from tangled. It made it clear the guy was friends with a giant spider.

and then he was sitting on a log in some wooded clearing. Then the dream cuts to who I think is Kaede (from Danganronpa) in a very pink traditional fairytale princess getup, with the small pointy hat. She pulls a tree branch out of a locker, the branch had two spiders crawling on it, one black and one brown.
She walks up to Flynn and tries to give him the branch. Apparently the spiders related to his past adventures and was meant as a gift. I remember her saying "aren't you happy to see them again?". He gets mad for some reason and knocks it out of her hands. Then she gets upset, says something I don't remember, and storms off.
then the entire dream sort of faded into a Lord of the rings style map opening thingy. There was like a fucking narrator saying something about great unequal power and there were these brown and black markers with indie an jones like trails that I guess were meant to be the spiders.
the two markers converge on a pink dot that was meant to represent Kaede. Then there's this graphic transformation scene of her being bitten and then becoming a spider person thing. It wasn't really clear
it goes back to the Flynn guy who looks to his right to see TF2 Solider on a rock being very silly. Sudden Marth from Fire Emblem, professor Layton, the handy man from Time Splitters, and a few others that I didn't recognize show up.

Then there's this scene at a rocky area where some evil lady is ordering around another TF2 Solider, this one appearing like Halloween zombie outfit. They're seemingly trying to find Kaede. They find this massive cocoon that is apparently her.
The rest of the dream is a blur, but I recall that Flynn and co ended up in an underwater city at some point where in typical dream fashion they can just breath underwater.

Sorry for the word vomit. But this is exactly what happened and I am very confused.
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The vampires are back and now instead of being enemies with the zombies they've teamed up. That's very bad news. We've been using vampire blood as the main weapon against zombie outbreaks for years. If they've joined forces now we'll need to come up with some new method of fighting them.

I was with some people, I don't know who, in some kind of a dungeon or something and somehow I was using my powers to make zombies appear. They were coming out of the walls and the ground. My rational mind was aware that I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't stop it. These were more decayed, more juicy and gory, than normal. We tried to fight but there were too many, so we had to flee.

I'm outside in on a wooded road. I'm in a dream vehicle, which is like a self-propelled open cart. I'm hanging onto this thing and there's some woman there (don't know who) and we're talking about how uncomfortable I am hanging onto this vehicle. We get to like a camp or something, surrounded by a chain link fence. I make the cart stop because I have to get something.

There are bad people there. There's a building and I have to get inside. There are three of us now. I kick in some of the bricks on the ground floor of the building and try to squeeze through but it's too narrow. The three of us get in some other way. It happened so fast that I don't know how we got in. We are almost caught by a guard inside but manage to evade him. We come into a large room and there are high level vampires there, loads of them. These aren't the normal kind of vampires I've faced in the past (one of the earliest dreams I remember is being trapped in a shopping mall full of vampires and I killed all of them, and they weren't seen again until today), these are much stronger vampires we call "Draculas". Shooting them only slows them down enough to escape. We learn that they are working with the zombies now.

We're in a very large room full of long desks which maybe have computers on them. I'm sitting at the end of one of these desks (far left side) and sitting at the end is Matt Easton, the youtuber. He has a pile of weed and he's rubbing his eyes with the weed which he says cures his eye problems. I tell him I too have eye problems and he says he will give me some of the weed for my eye problems. Then I wake up.
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Terrible dream.

I was walking outside on a city street when two blips of light (one yellow, one blue) flew past really fast. They went inside a building. I ran inside followed by some woman. It turns out that these were fairies and we knew them personally (we didn't know each other, we each knew one of the fairies, but they left when be both turned 15 in some "fairy purge").

We looked everywhere for them. I walked into one huge room with loads of crap strewn around. There was a sign that joked about how difficult it is trying to explain the old wild west days of the Internet to kids these days. The two of us went into a room like an auditorium. The woman went back and asked some people if they had seen anything (she didn't call them fairies because no one would believe her, she called them people, and the blue one was an Indian who had dark skin that only looked blue). The people who were working on AV equipment stonewalled her.

I looked up at the scaffolding where four dude bros were working. I saw them stuff the blue fairy into a bag. They saw me, so they dropped a ball like a kickball covered in glitter down to the floor to trick me into thinking that that was what I saw. I knew they were kidnapping the fairies here and everyone in the building was in on the crime.

Since I regularly fight zombies, vampires, and aliens in my dreams I'm usually well armed. I said "I hope you like incendiary bombs," and threw a bomb like a Molotov cocktail at them (it was two glass containers, one inside the other, each full of a different chemical that explode when mixed). It landed between two of the dude bros and exploded, but they shook their heads and sneered at me. In dreams people have to consent to die, usually. Usually when I shoot someone I have to remind the person that people die when they get shot, and usually they apologize and fall over dead out of courtesy, but these four dude bros were assholes who wouldn't consent to dying. I climbed the scaffolding and explained to them how bombs work and that they should be on fire and dying right now. They mocked me, saying "Can your bomb kill 100 people?" I said "No, but it can kill a couple people. You should be on fire, this is a medical emergency." They didn't listen.

I had to do something else. All the doors were locked. A stern babushka had the key to the door, but I didn't need it. I knocked two doors down with my shoulder, because American doors are made of cardboard covered in veneer. I told another woman who was working there that I would follow her down the corridor to find out who was in charge of this place. That's when I woke up.

That really stayed with me. In real life people are powerless to stop crimes because criminals have rights. In some places you're even forced to flee your own home if someone is shooting at you because you have a "duty to retreat". Some places make it a felony to defend your own life and the lives of your loved ones. But in dreams all that goes out the window and you can ride a velociraptor with a machine gun in one hand and a grenade launcher in the other and mow down bad guys left and right. But this dream was like real life where the criminals can kidnap people and get away with it, and it left me bummed for hours.
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