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I had this awesome changeling dream.

It was about these two changeling brothers who are close servants to their queen in a huge futuristic city. The older brother is fiercely loyal to the queen, and totally unemotional. He also very much overestimates his own rationality. He hurt the younger brother at one point; this happened outside the city. He explained why, and thinks there is therefore no reason for bad blood. But then the younger brother tries to kill him in their queen's throne room. The younger brother is killed by the other guards, and the queen says the older brother was ignorant or something.

The queen then steps out onto a balconypier at night. The lights of the city buildings are many. I guess I'm the queen's mother in this one. I'm being flown in on some kind of flying vehicle. I totally cannot move though, like Captain Pike in that Star Trek episode. I just stare ahead as the balconypier gets closer.
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