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I was really dissatisfied with the Moro arc of DBS. It had potential, but it fell on its face repeatedly. I don't know if this has to be spoilered, so I'll just do it.

They gave Vegeta a new, unique ability. Not only to close the gap with Goku, but to shift the direction of power escalation. It was supposed to make it possible for other characters to start winning arcs instead of standing by so Goku can do everything. Then Vegeta lost and stood aside while Goku took care of things. The non-Goku cast is still basically an accessory.

Goku repeated his "giving Cell a senzu bean" idiocy. Thirty seconds later, Moro had stolen his perfected Ultra Instinct form and fused with the Earth, making him indestructible without killing everyone. Goku is still unbelievably stupid. He won't be undergoing any lasting character development ever, apparently.

Moro actually had an interesting design. Then he hits his final form, and he has the same Toriyama face that everyone has. Again, just like Cell, but a goatman instead of a bug man.

They're really squeamish about actually orphaning Piccolo. The Namekians were extincted for a second time, and now they're alive again. Apparently, Namekians don't decay, a superpower that was introduced on the page that it was needed for them to come back to life again.
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