Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread


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Speaking of Rule 0, with how he banned me, he should admit he doesn’t like Generation 5 and Star vs.
Because worrying that the former is gonna be short-lived because everyone hates it or hell will be Unleashed if I mention the show’s name since everyone hates the show now is considered “DRAMA”.
But that would be off-topic, would it?
How can I make that mod admit it without seemingly look like a threat or a personal attack?

You can’t. These people refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and just continually double down further, and further, and further on the belief that everyone is at fault except for them.
Anonymous #CF19
Well would you look at that… His post and 2 of the posts of the one he called a cunt have been deleted. Guess they are watching this thread.
Anonymous #0E47
It’s sad that Wikipedia’s moderators are as bad as Derpibooru. I was banned there currently.
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