Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread

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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Prince of Monsters
How's everyone holding up? Just checking in. Making sure everyone's alright. Nothing Crazy happened with derpi recently, right?
Anonymous #7D2F
@Anonymous #A99E
Yeah. I mean, you can report the comments with rule 0 and they comply, but you'd think the guys throwing threats would have been banned long ago and not just limit themselves to comment deletion.
Anonymous #A99E
@Anonymous #7D2F
They use that as a means of keeping them. It is scrubbing evidence and then mod. It is a lie by omission when someone else brings up their attitude and says they have a history. They will remember the "Bad ones" that don't scare the ideals of the riche. But look at that they have no idea what you are talking about a prior history of harassment. Guess just a ban for a few days they most likely will not serve. They have even admitting that people are rarely mooned the Permanent ban because they can just say sorry they are without meaning it and come right back to keep shitting on users.
Anonymous #7D2F
@Anonymous #A99E
They shit on anyone. And yet most of them fail to realize how most people are not really interested in those ramblings anymore and would be glad if they could just find a place to have fun.
Most of those talks deal with the same subjects, always having the same protagonists. Always the same things involved. Honestly, I'm not even surprised since again, everybody has a voice when you have a computer, but at this point one needs to be really exclusive with any friendship (IRL and internet since also the real world feels rather dangerous nowadays).
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