Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread

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Still. A lot of drama gets mostly forgotten after barely a few months. I expected it to have calmed down a bit by now. Should've known better, I suppose. There is a lot of history rewriting attempts going on, whether serious or shitpost.
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@Anonymous #428A
Still. A lot of drama gets mostly forgotten after barely a few months. I expected it to have calmed down a bit by now.

they literally have nothing else going on with their lives besides pretending to be the "good guy" fighting the "bad guys" over a imageboard dedicated to a little girl's cartoon
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Whenever I post anything related to EqG or anthro, or even doodles of G5 characters like Hitch and Sprout being losers, these pics get downvoted to Hell.

Since the downvoters didn't leave a comment or two, might as well consider then as worthless, uncreative trolls who care only about their pony waifus. (I like MLP, but this is a problem with downvote trolls). I'm not sure if it's their personal tastes, them being edgy idiots, or the poor quality of my art and doodles.

Might as well drown them in more doodles and laugh as they waste their time downvoting me. Muahahahahaha

Exhibit A (-1)
Exhibit B (1, 8 downvotes)
Exhibit C (0, why the hell are there 8 downvotes?)
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Being honest, that first EqG piece doesn't really resemble EqG all that much. The art quality isn't the best either, but I'm willing to bet at least a few of those downvotes are from people who believe it's wholly unrelated content.

As far as the Gallusposting is concerned, it might just be differing taste in memes. I'll be honest when I say that whole rooster Gallus meme is some of the most entertainment I've ever gotten out of that character. Keep up the good work on that.
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Thanks! The rooster Gallus joke is why Gallus is my favourite character in the show. He's cute, he's a dude like me, he's blue, and he's one stupid rooster!

And I love to keep roosters — I wish I can buy a male chick and raise it as a son, so I pet it every day.
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Derptard and twittards are just jealous of people trying to enjoy mlp and watch it without being part of any political affiliation and they want to drag down anyone to their miserable life.
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@Anonymous #E657
Pretty much this. All of the best memes came from 4chan and they hate that fact so much Derpi is now trying to appropriate any new ones and say they made them.
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