Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread

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@Psy Key
I know that Meow and TSP and Joey NEVER went on 4Chan because they literally think the entire place is a /b/pol/ mixture of 'hatred'.
And tyhe biggest joke on that is that /pol/ was nowhere near as "hateful" as they imagine (obligatory "every single time they make a white supremacist gathering, whites are a fucking minority in the group"), and is 99% bots today.
This is why they want to hide the original text of the talmud from you. It spells out exactly what they think of other people and how crime and other atrocities are fine as long as it's against a non-jew.
Do you mean: same as Quran (remember, muslims had to make "interpretations" and they still murder each other due to disagreement on WHICH interpretation to follow; every single time Quran itself is followed, you get genocidal terrorists) and Old Testament (which Christians are still expected to follow, Jesus ain't no cancelled the old laws)?
Psy Key
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Yeah, they all have their own flavor of complete mega retard shit. Every broken ideology does. My issue with the jewish one is that subterfuge and espionage is apart of the whole setup. They include, in the talmud, that if the nonjews were to ever be shown what is in the talmud by a jew, it would be the same as killing all jews, because if we knew what they thought about us, we'd kill them openly. If you want to commit a crime, you do it in another country, not Israel, because then it's not frowned upon or against god. And they don't go after their own because their whole scheme is keeping everyone in the faith on the same page, and how couldn't they? I don't know ANY group of people that stick together like glue except those in some sort of position of authority or power. They act like they don't have any differing opinions on their own ideology, which again, doesn't make sense.

Just like that, though, communism, and by extension the Derpi staff themselves, have this concept that it's not wrong when they do it, but when others do it then it's the worst thing ever. They go on and on about, "Well, nazis mark people as undesirables, and this is wrong," but then turn right around and do it literally just as much as the gestapo would. Derpi's bat shit bullshit is all about trying to keep the users around and unaware, and just lord authority over them and the community and put every little finger they can to 'tend the site' and make it 'most desirable for the entire fandom.'
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Well it appears that violet received another thirty day ban. Their last post was one month ago. Is derpi actually enforcing their rules for both sides?
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@Anonymous #518C
We'll probably never see that, but the site is slow decaying. Maybe we can expect a shutdown on the site when something truly illegal which put in trouble to the administration happens. Or if they piss off a group of hackers who kill the site in front of their faces too. The first one is the most probable if you ask me.
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@Anonymous #518C
I don't think Derpi will shutdown anytime soon since they have enough pets and retards to give them money to keep runing it. In that case the merging with Furbooru is a more realistic option imo.
Dex Stewart
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Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
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This image got deleted for some reason. Someone re-uploaded it.
I noticed because I made a comment on it and then couldn't find my Comment.
It's not that creative or anything but I don't think it deserved deletion.
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