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Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread

Adan Druego
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I know that I was banned for some legitimate reasons, but even I could see some of that corruption. In fact, that's one of the reasons behind my little shift in behavior and the content of my posts.

Moving on. As I see it, most people didn't know that the staff were two-faced and petty, because most simply didn't want or care to believe it. That is until the staff's misdeeds began to effect them personal. That's usually how things go.

"When they came for x, I said nothing because I wasn't x, when they came for y, I said nothing, because I wasn't y, then they came for me…"

It's pretty accurate.
Anonymous #7590
That's good for him, he's pretty active in PB.

With all seen in the past months thanks to mouthpieces, shitty decisions and annoying users thinking of doing the "good" deeds in DB, it's very doubtful that the site will recover from all that happened back then.
Plus, I'm gonna assume now that the 2021 Derpibooru Collab will be a less number of entries than the last year.
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Guys! It's been over three months, and Furbooru is only 1,000 images away from their goal of 50,000 furry images being on-site!
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Likes older mares

I'm extremely joyful at the end of the event on such a great note, there were a total of 40 users awarded for reaching the 300 uploads milestone, them plus everyone else in here who uses and helps this site grow are the most important part of it.

50k uploads 100% manually made in only a couple of months is something to be praised ^^

While the standard badge has already been issued for everyone, the artist one will be following shortly this week.

Anonymous #5F71
Oh, just let them enjoy themselves.
The happier they are there, the less misery, hate and vandalism they spread elsewhere.
Officer Hotpants
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Yeah, I can't say that I particularly care about the day-to-day events of Furbooru. I didn't spend years there; I have zero attachment to it. Now if the mods there start sperging about rampant nazism again and/or initiate another self-destruction event then that's another matter.
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