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Big Bad Politics!

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@Adan Druego
Communists have no race. Their escapistic schizophrenia will be healed by NATO bombs. Glory to black lives matter and glory to Ukraine.

I see it as people who're too fragile to exist in the real world, being allowed to reproduce and spread their weakness outward into an environment that can kill them with a stray fart in the wind.
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Ever since SCOTUS leaked and republicans have been empowered to vote even harder. They have been on pure copium and are fighting amongst themselves on who is more at fault for this happening.
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Tbh. i am more amazed at this absolute mess of a website. Like holy shit if that isn't at the end of some political spectrum. About the story: Frankly i find it funny that they had this wedding even though the husband wants to really focus on a couple things and ignore everything else that is unpleasant.
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Homogenized, ultrapasteurized milk is the milk that tastes boring. The pasteurized only milk is more interesting. Raw milk tastes like and has the consistency of cream. Really strong stuff
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TBF, I also don't like ice cream and chocolate. I usually eat rice with meat and eggs, because those are more delicious. Without meat (especially pork, chicken, and mutton), even a simple rice dish with tofu, curry, and carrots tastes so soulless and boring.

As the Ogres of Warhammer used to say, "Meat, bring us meat!"
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@Officer Hotpants

Yes, but people think that it's cringe, while others managed to make it a niche. I think it's as cringe as eating bread smeared with ice cream, because I picture someone plopping a scoop on a plate of rice or some slices of bread.

I would prefer to keep grains away from ice cream-like foods, unless it's bread that can be covered with icing as a cake.

Here is an example of rice ice cream, done right:

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