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That's part of it, and different types of shotgun ammunition unavoidably produce very different gas pressure curves. Recoil operation doesn't let you get away with using very different ammunition types interchangeably either. John Moses Browning tried in 1902 and gave us the Browning Auto-5, which was good enough to be in production almost continuously for ninety-six years, and it still has a recoil system with a complex assembly of friction washers requiring tinkering, adjustment, and experimentation for each type of ammunition to be used in it.

Part of it is that rimmed cartridges and detachable box magazines tend not to play well together—see also Peter Paul Mauser, rimless cartridge cases, and staggered column magazines.

Part of it is that it's difficult to get cylindrical plastic shotgun shells to feed reliably out of box magazines, especially when the gun is hot and dirty.

And part of it is that the Russian guns are generally set up only to run high-pressure slug and buckshot ammunition, and the designs from the Philippines and Turkey have that same problem the same and additionally are not very well made.
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