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Do you consider Battlefield 2042 to be the death nail of the Battlefield franchise, or something more or less akin to Battlefield 4 or Hardline?
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Is there some sort of bot to automatically take uploads from Derpi and put them here? There is a artist I follow that uploads there but not here and I wanted his stuff to be shared outside of Derpi. I heard some people have automated the process of mirroring the uploads so I wanted to find out.

BTW, he knows I want to put it here. He hasn't just because he doesn't feel like doubling his upload schedule. So it isn't a DNP issue or a boycott by him.
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everything that is uploaded to derpi is uploaded here. Unless they opt out of the bot or they have a dnp
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Is there a way to view notifications that I already visited? They seem to disappear forever once you click the link.
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