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2020 Is Finally Dead.

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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Needs to do Vector Work
Hafta be honest, I'm not really in the mood to keep the joke going
Could use a hug myself, really…
Some bad stuff is happening over here. No I'm not gonna talk about it, Ponybooru is not my therapy site
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@Dex Stewart
Masks have always been publicly acceptable. If anything, forcing people to wear them is making them LESS acceptable due to inevitable springback. Not that it matters for purposes of stopping disease spread, as for that everyone needs to wear mask correctly and constantly, and that's, well
not happening unless literal communism is on and everyone is provided 5+ masks per day free of charge
and that's BEFORE you account for all the fish people with masks covering their gills instead of their human disguise's nose and mouth

USA's government clearly would rather pay millions and billions to other countries rather than spend anything on its own citizens. And for all the blabbering about left-wingness they sure aren't showing willingness to do UBI.
It's starving or revolt.

@Anonymous #A907
Just look at elections in Russia in the last decade (or the "elections" in USSR). That's what is waiting for you. Removing minimum-attendance requirements (if there are any in the first place), scoring record lows of attendance due to people being apathetic about blatantly rigged elections, 146% votes, identical percentage votes across multiple regions…

It wasn't profitable because it was good, it was profitable because CN keeps filling all the good timeslots (where only complete utter trash is physically capable of failing) with it and dropping actually good shows into timeslots where they won't be watched.
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Needs to do Vector Work
Well, it hasn't really been acceptable. Masks/face coverings have long had a connotation with dishonesty and lawlessness, they make you look like you're wilfully and knowingly doing something wrong. Even though I don't mind if people willingly choose to wear masks (just don't force me to do it) in a safety context, I still feel on edge when I'm with someone covering their face. My instincts tell me this person is going to try to stab me at any moment, even when someone as trusted as my own family.

Just going to the grocery store or a day at work has become an exercise in highly unwarranted paranoia. Just another reason I want the mask mandate repealed right the fuck now…
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Sapphic Saprophyte
The whole point of wearing a mask is to protect other people. You're supposed to sneeze into the mask to keep the stuff from spreading to everyone else and then, when you've finished sneezing, put on a fresh mask and throw the old one in the garbage (unless it's the re-usable kind, then you can put it in your pocket or something and wash it at home). People who take off their masks to sneeze and then put them back on are assholes. It's better to just not wear one at that point.

As far as I'm concerned everyone is already wearing a mask. Everyone is dishonest. Everyone lies, all the time. You need a code book to decrypt what people say. Shit, women are specifically encouraged to wear physical disguises for the express purpose of deceiving men! This is a world of deception.

This face I wear is the mask. I have to lie, all the time. The world forces me to lie because there is no security, no communion. With the mask I can be myself. I am the mask, not the face underneath.
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