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2020 Is Finally Dead.

Dex Stewart
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

They did a clipshow and dubbed over all the old clips with cartoon voices. So,there's the bad actors.
Keeper tells Devon he saw a vision of a Meteor. Devon doesn't believe him. A Meteor almost hirs Devon. Inside the meteor is a power coin. They use it to…Jason shows up. The Dino Thunder Rangers show up without an introduction,no voices,and get alot of screentime. In the end,Devin learns the moral that…he should listen to Keeper. There's the bad writing.
On top of all that shit was a bland uninteresting group of characters.
This season also had a bizzarre anti-technology bias,with a cyborg convinced his family wouldn't love him unless he was fully human again,and a robot ranger who wants to be human. A white human even though he his dna was from a Latino guy.
The Beast Bots,robot sidekicks we're almost completely forgotten and pushed to the side.
I could go on even longer about all the missed opportunities,if I compared it to the Japanese series Go-Busters,which was one of the most unique sentai series,with great stories.

I guess I should just consider myself lucky that the worst thing this year was that my favorite show just stopped giving a crap and made it plainly obvious the crew behind just don't care.
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Nine days in, and I think we've already established this isn't even 2020's final form.

Buckle up, everyone. It's only going to get more bumpy from here.
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