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safe2031130 derpibooru import1323038 screencap264759 applejack194996 comet tail890 fluttershy248735 merry may840 neon lights979 pinkie pie247999 pokey pierce1529 princess cadance39060 princess celestia109506 princess luna113727 principal celestia4310 rainbow dash269182 rainbowshine1056 rarity210962 rising star952 spike89377 twilight sparkle341769 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139481 vice principal luna3138 written script310 alicorn386823 dragon103237 earth pony554959 human192708 pegasus614647 pony1732182 unicorn603460 equestria girls243201 equestria girls (movie)7618 magical mystery cure2620 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2873 season 31047 season 42926 20131237 anniversary647 background pony10964 big crown thingy2807 canterlot6568 celebration338 celestia's ceremonial crown3 clothes578328 compilation622 coronation115 coronation dress842 crown32392 dress54601 element of magic2966 equestria girls 10th anniversary10 fall formal203 fall formal outfits2025 female1504895 jewelry92266 magical mystery cure tenth anniversary28 male443608 mane seven7309 mane six36173 mare811742 over-arc2 princess2836 regalia28574 stained glass1475 stained glass window195 stallion152426 story arc8 summer sun celebration104


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