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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Mac getting a little revenge on Fluttershy for another St. Patrick’s Day. She seems okay with this payback :)
Speaking of other St. Patrick’s Days, here are my older St. Patrick’s Day pictures:
See ya when I see ya!
safe2167212 anonymous artist4994 derpibooru import1520185 big macintosh34199 fluttershy263344 earth pony599391 pegasus665880 pony1847121 series:fm holidays348 abstract background22732 biting4972 blushing268852 cute249112 ears44139 female1623989 floppy ears67500 fluttermac4005 high res62619 holiday33623 lineless5318 macabetes523 male486279 mare877952 neck biting275 no pupils5201 open mouth230022 open smile27256 pinch141 saint patrick's day449 shamrock64 shipping248419 shyabetes17648 sitting89364 smiling389956 spread wings88441 stallion172245 straight174485 wavy mouth5083 wings215139


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