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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Mac getting a little revenge on Fluttershy for another St. Patrick’s Day. She seems okay with this payback :)
Speaking of other St. Patrick’s Days, here are my older St. Patrick’s Day pictures:
See ya when I see ya!
safe1980104 anonymous artist3832 derpibooru import1255282 big macintosh31917 fluttershy243881 earth pony540035 pegasus597696 pony1689978 series:fm holidays289 abstract background19987 biting4448 blushing239742 cute227206 ears30389 female1468889 floppy ears61536 fluttermac3583 high res51751 holiday28090 lineless4784 macabetes498 male431208 mare792515 neck biting236 no pupils4767 open mouth197977 open smile15899 pinch125 saint patrick's day391 shamrock57 shipping228430 shyabetes16095 sitting78291 smiling334024 spread wings73763 stallion146786 straight159172 wavy mouth4550 wings179230


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