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MLP FiM S1E10  
(they cute so it’s totally fine ♥)  
safe2110217 artist:julunis14624 derpibooru import1435733 fluttershy256675 twilight sparkle352061 unicorn twilight24152 parasprite2221 pegasus644351 pony1798491 unicorn632361 series:my little honses48 swarm of the century835 :v117 chest fluff59054 dialogue90433 duo119661 duo female29205 female1572707 high res57385 mare850097 nom3358 open mouth219339 parody16889 scene interpretation10327 silly8231 simple background564630 white background170100


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Anonymous #0CED
@Anonymous #6BF2  
She utterly failed to explain what she was doing and why, what the parasprites where and why they where dangerous. Explaining this would have gotten the rest of the mane 6 to help her instead of dismissing her at every turn.
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