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Cream Heart JUSTICE!

Q: Why this "alt" of this artwork got public 1 month earlier?
A: Artwork enhanced with the help from our custom built AI.

We decided to make this "alt" of the normal "Cream Heart JUSTICE!" pic public to get feedback about our new art style!

What you think?

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questionable128978 artist:axus20306 artist:hevexy254 derpibooru import1153496 oc805128 oc only516996 oc:cream heart2658 anthro306864 earth pony515811 3d94111 accessories1343 artificial intelligence617 balance64 bedroom eyes67912 big breasts99953 blender9641 blonde4022 blushing229079 bracelet11706 breasts321201 bust69124 button's smother754 chains5845 cleavage38378 clothes537321 complex background614 cute218998 ears25651 embarrassed12893 female1409935 floppy ears59402 freckles35822 hallway1033 headphones9260 headset2059 indoors4334 jewelry82358 libra142 looking at you206544 makeup27015 microphone6568 milf10975 nudity432931 pasties2109 presenting28103 seductive2593 sexy32964 smiling313762 smirk14513 solo1275088 solo female203507 weights484


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