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Image imported from derpibooru 
Original Description:
Cream Heart JUSTICE!
Q: Why this “alt” of this artwork got public 1 month earlier?  
A: Artwork enhanced with the help from our custom built AI.
We decided to make this “alt” of the normal “Cream Heart JUSTICE!” pic public to get feedback about our new art style!
What you think?
Our patreon:
questionable137875 artist:axus203030 artist:hevexy254 derpibooru import1389504 oc899319 oc only573603 oc:cream heart2911 anthro344115 earth pony570143 3d108707 accessories1464 artificial intelligence648 balance69 bedroom eyes74444 big breasts113949 blender12279 blonde4574 blushing253032 bracelet13491 breasts358305 bust77295 button's smother863 chains6616 cleavage42292 clothes594661 complex background894 cute237898 ears36763 embarrassed14229 female1544609 floppy ears64453 freckles40569 hallway1157 headphones10265 headset2258 indoors5555 jewelry96460 libra142 looking at you238318 makeup32584 microphone7591 milf12124 nudity481277 pasties2375 presenting31502 seductive3274 sexy37045 smiling360831 smirk16208 solo1395861 solo female221054 weights639


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