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Her one weakness…

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questionable128978 artist:shadowboltsfm990 derpibooru import1153496 rainbow dash258184 anthro306862 pegasus572665 plantigrade anthro40582 3d94111 4k2310 arm warmers825 belly button91029 blender9641 breasts321201 clothes537319 eyeshadow19672 feet45636 female1409933 fishnets6283 high heels13524 high res45566 implied applejack791 implied fluttershy709 implied rarity1221 implied twilight sparkle2029 lipstick13223 lost bet49 makeup27015 nail polish9367 nipples195738 not sfm1889 nudity432929 offscreen character39956 open-toed shoes278 partial nudity23645 platform heels564 pole dancing1652 rainboob dash9232 sexy32964 shoes44699 solo1275088 solo female203507 stockings40341 stripper pole2341 text74009 thigh highs43283 toenail polish1378 toes7377 topless13981 unamused18359


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