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Original Description:
Her one weakness…
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questionable137875 artist:shadowboltsfm1196 derpibooru import1389503 rainbow dash273905 anthro344115 pegasus632371 plantigrade anthro46576 3d108707 4k2870 arm warmers908 belly button101509 blender12279 breasts358305 clothes594661 eyeshadow23749 feet50411 female1544609 fishnets7083 high heels15164 high res55971 implied applejack895 implied fluttershy818 implied rarity1316 implied twilight sparkle2259 lipstick15062 lost bet54 makeup32584 nail polish10593 nipples219698 not sfm2235 nudity481277 offscreen character45314 open-toed shoes300 partial nudity26628 platform heels699 pole dancing1881 rainboob dash10301 sexy37045 shoes51074 solo1395861 solo female221054 stockings44934 stripper pole2674 text84405 thigh highs49447 toenail polish1865 toes8464 topless15098 unamused20533


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