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Meet Rebel Pride :D

A very gay and a very chaotic mess X)

A pony who is very keen on supporting other ponies on the LGBT spectrum, she has a lot of knowledge on the subject and is willing to teach and explain the various different sexualities and identities to whoever is willing to learn.

Along with her girlfriend Prismatic Pride, she helps out around her arts and crafts store, and also ha a talent of her own, as she is a make-up artist
She likes to try out a lot of pretty patterns on her and her girlfriend X)

Also has the ability to dig out a near endless supply of pride flags from that long as hell hair of hers. Prism weeps everynight trying to clean them all up X)
safe1868661 artist:aurorakaufmann12 derpibooru import1096073 oc781404 oc only502453 oc:rebel pride5 earth pony501822 pony1595856 asexual pride flag202 bisexual pride flag653 clothes522745 eyeshadow18776 female1375874 genderfluid pride flag97 grin46206 intersex pride flag14 jacket14624 lesbian pride flag421 makeup25826 mare742589 markings2265 multicolored hair8379 nonbinary pride flag161 pansexual pride flag315 pride2829 pride flag2325 pride month659 rainbow hair3108 smiling301519 solo1246359 transgender pride flag635 tray923 vulgar21932


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Anonymous #CFB9
Imagine making a whole OC which it's only characteristic is being pro LGBT. Lmao!