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> Tried my hand at some twijack kids :)
> Meet Ambrosia and Sunny <333
> Amber ( short for Ambrosia ) is magic obsessed and the spitting image of young Twilight, while Sunny isn't very interested in magic but is incredibly gifted and skilled and the adoration of Twi. As you can imagine this causes some tension in the family where Amber feels left out.
safe1868662 artist:void-sommar33 derpibooru import1096073 applejack185011 twilight sparkle322714 oc781405 oc:ambrosia225 oc:sunny143 earth pony501822 pony1595857 unicorn544872 female1375876 heart55068 lesbian106939 magical lesbian spawn13458 offspring42933 parent:applejack4425 parent:twilight sparkle8918 parents:twijack123 shipping217575 simple background472459 twijack1206 white background139921


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