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i havent posted anything or drawn much in.. a while due to some personal issues.. Sorry ><

and idea i've had for a while now that's been in sketch form for a loong while and finally got the okay to actually release it /o/

mermaid pondpony \o\
a huge thanks to Endeth for redlining the body sketch and made it 100000 times better >.< /) you're the bomb!!
safe1868245 artist:04tobizbits1 derpibooru import1095424 oc781165 oc only502296 merpony2569 seapony (g4)5606 dorsal fin1218 eyelashes17550 eyes closed108172 female1375473 fin wings1078 fins1765 fish tail2011 flower29238 flower in hair8993 flowing mane2463 flowing tail1635 jewelry78625 mare742388 necklace23071 open mouth178058 pearl necklace1925 seashell610 seaweed708 signature31250 simple background472259 solo1246019 tail46967 transparent background228144 white mane778 wings157348


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