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> Goths having tea
> I can't let a Friday the 13th go by without drawing goths
> including [@Lockuheart](https://twitter.com/Lockuheart) and [@PonyQuarantine's](https://twitter.com/PonyQuarantine) goths
safe1847168 artist:jargon scott2855 derpibooru import1066513 oc769664 oc only495109 oc:claire244 oc:kaumaha ekahi29 oc:nada phase44 earth pony494171 kirin10762 pony1577325 unicorn537246 bomb ass tea33 bust65917 choker14943 cup7018 drinking3908 ear piercing31152 earring24207 eyebrow piercing1028 female1357897 fishnets5976 goth2503 hair over eyes1298 jewelry77076 kirin oc2119 levitation12796 lip piercing1321 looking at you195270 magic79336 mare732227 nose piercing3053 nose ring2516 piercing47510 smiling295405 smiling at you10193 spiked choker1953 studded bracelet73 teacup3159 telekinesis30395 trio10943


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