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> Submission for EQD ATG V Day 6.
> Draw a pony playing games./ Draw a pony champion.
> Lyra may have lost track of time and is probably going to need some eye drops when she's done,
> but she'll hold the high score for the particular game she's playing.
safe1770015 artist:lifesharbinger95 derpibooru import960017 lyra heartstrings30624 pony1513469 unicorn509750 :p9542 arcade stick39 chair7402 controller2585 female1295116 gamer340 gamer lyra8 glare8149 hoof hold9656 joystick231 sitting66760 smiling271367 smirk12984 solo1178368 television2628 tongue12422 tongue out109984 video game5045


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