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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:

Name: The Silversmith
Gender: Male…sometimes?
Age: 3,017
Role: TimeLord
About him: The Silversmith’s very optimistic but is too honest when speaking to people, he can create a scene and story while explaining in a dire situation, He’s a writer and good with sketching as his top hobbies when Applejack isn’t dragging him around while they run away from danger along side his odd personality when he gets serious against enemies or danger he doesn’t joke or play around like he dose.

If he was broken or pushed to the edge he wouldn’t show mercy, but if he was almost broken to the edge he would only give you, One. Chance.

Silversmith’s look and base by SelenaEde
OC: The Silversmith by Vanossfan10

doctor who owned by the bbc
My little pony owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust


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