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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:

Artwork by Joizer; commissioned by someguy845.

K-Lo and Su-Z giving the fans their own version of a "sneak preview"… :)
source needed15246 suggestive145196 artist:joizer55 derpibooru import886211 kiwi lollipop448 supernova zap439 equestria girls207383 ass50118 breasts282032 butt51327 cameltoe8823 clothes477268 commission70932 commissioner:someguy84572 duo74628 duo female17977 female1263963 females only14914 k-lo317 k-lo culo14 legs8114 looking at you174407 looking back59097 looking back at you15710 miniskirt4935 panties51814 postcrush265 simple background416947 skirt40442 stockings34514 striped panties100 su-z325 su-z booty10 teasing3795 thigh highs36152 thighs14037 underwear62462 upskirt5978


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