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@Anonymous #523F
"Did it take a big enough bite out of Monster High's slice of the pie to make it worthwhile?"

They managed to snatch Mattel's contract with Dysney, so EqG fulfilled it's purpose.
The only reason to keep it alive was the show. When the show ended, the spinoff did as well.
Because who would watch a show about magical teen girls having SoL adventures with the ocasional magical baddie who escaped/got corrupted with equestrian magic?
Anonymous #523F
@Dex Stewart
But did they buy enough of it? Did they buy as much EqG merch as FiM merch? Did it take a big enough bite out of Monster High's slice of the pie to make it worthwhile?

The way I've heard it is that the low sales Hasbro was in a bind over weren't even EqG's, it was their Star Wars toys that were floundering. Enough so that they had to cut back their toy production overall to make up for the loss. That says to me that EqG's toyline was considered an expendable excess in the higher-up's minds.
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Maybe if the toys actually looked good and not horrifying they'd have sold better.
Wait a minute, little girls bought the dolls. Isn't that all Hasbro claims to care about? If they wanted the adult fans to buy more EQG stuff they'd have focused more on the EGG Minis that adult fans really liked.
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It wasn't successful? Then I guess The Movies and the Special Episodes were cheap, with dubbing and everything. Well, Hasbro is a multimillion-dollar company, they could give medicine to the dead horse.