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Originally posted on: March 25, 2019, 10:06 PM UTC
MLP: FiM Comic page practice
I didn't know what to draw yesterday so I decided to finish up a pseudo-comic page that I started a while back. (I wanted it to look like a manga hence the black and white look.) This is where Shining Armor and Tempest Shadow team up together to save Equestria. This scene is completely based on the train fight scene in RWBY volume 6. (Note: I apologize for Tempest's face. I couldn`t get it to look right so we have two different styles here. Maybe I'll redraw it in the future.) I will say I am very proud of this one. 😊

#mlpfim #mlpfancomic #shiningarmor #tempestshadow
safe1590031 artist:stargazerseven89 derpibooru import26919 shining armor22282 tempest shadow15126 oc607609 pony856371 unicorn276353 black sclera1719 broken horn12529 comic101856 dialogue61126 eye scar4261 female920511 grayscale35849 horn50635 male310278 mare422504 monochrome145995 scar10251 stallion94159 wide eyes16162


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